Offensive Security 24/7

Answer the question: Can you be breached? 

IntelliGO offensive security safely tests how your existing cyber defenses are performing. The reasoning is straightforward: if all devices on your network are managed, test malware is blocked and vulnerability scans do not pass your defenses, then you are prepared for 99.9% of all attacks. 

Even most zero-day viruses which evade detection by altering small properties to bypass signature detection can be detected. To detect the more complex type of attack that bypasses traditional prevention tools, we also detect breaches that occur.


Measure Prevention and Detection

Every day there is another headline reporting a new security breach. Attacks are increasingly sophisticated and the number of connected devices presents an unprecedented opportunity for cyber criminals to leverage weaknesses in cybersecurity. IntelliGO is the only purpose-built stack to help you prevent zero-day attacks and provide incident response to contain and remediate threats in your environment. Our Managed Detection and Response Platform is built to address two questions:

“Can you be breached?” by proactively testing defenses

“Have you been breached?” by monitoring defenses


Monitor Defenses 24/7

Answer the question: Have you been breached? 

Detect real-world and simulated breaches to provide continuous improvement. IntelliGO monitors all data by looking at dynamic information such as packets, logs, feeds and by measuring static data like patches, AV signatures and network configuration to get a clear picture of advanced malware, and contain it. 

Our multi-layered approach to containment can adjust access to the process, network or parts of that network from the same platform.

To test your defenses and see IntelliGO Click here to: Download the PPA Sample