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One day a Director stops by your desk and asks that you get setup for a new initiative to allow any user to bring devices to the network. What would you do first? In a lot of ways school boards are presented with very difficult task of providing a service to hundreds of thousands of constituents with little or no control over devices. At the Toronto District School Board there are a quarter million students and staff that rely on the network every day. On top of having to facilitate bring your own device initiatives the school must support the 1:1 program ensuring each student has a device to learn on.

With over 550 schools the networking and device management alone is very complex. Compounding this challenge is to assure that CyberSecurity threats, Web Traffic and Applications do not cripple the network. The board also has a strict procurement policy ensuring that projects and budgets are maximized for all departments.

With these challenges Ontario’s largest school board was seeking a vendor who could offer a solution to the growing CyberSecurity threat from thousands of unmanaged devices connecting to the network.
The main benefits the board was seeking was to:

  • Provide a solution which scales to 100+ Gbps with full traffic inspection at these speeds
  • Advanced traffic policies for User, Applications and Content including decryption and threat prevention
  • Consolidation of reporting and management of any proposed solution

When evaluating vendors experience and cutting edge technology are what provided the board the confidence to proceed with IntelliGO Networks. After weeks of rigorous testing and rating requirements the board is now in control of their network and traffic. As one of the largest single deployments in the country, IntelliGO Networks is proud to support this initiative in securing BYOD and 1:1 devices on the network.

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