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There’s big networks, really big networks, really really big networks and then there are service providers. The grandeur and scale of an Internet Service Provider is really something to behold, especially one that operates TV, Radio, Internet, Cellular and Telephony services for an entire country. Now imagine this network of millions of customers needs to be PCI DSS compliant within a few months. Where would you start? Technology, People and Process are a familiar way to think about the problem but just thinking about all that technology, people and process can make your head spin.

When tasked with the team of finding a provider a major Canadian service provider was looking for an Cyber Threat Intelligence capabilities and found it in IntelliGO.

  • 24/7 Operations support and performance assurance at scale
  • Delivering daily integrity checks for data used in PCI DSS reporting
  • Onboarding of data sources and customized reporting
  • Triage of incident response alerts
Over all vendors IntelliGO networks presented the best technical team for the response. For this service provider who had worked larger firms a more acute attention to detail was required to ensure no gaps in compliance. With a wide variety of platforms to supervise and onboard IntelliGO Networks really shined in environments where the customization and complexity cannot afford downtime.
Years later, this client has expanded their investment in CyberSecurity to include all networks and thousands more data points with the comfort that the people, process and technology is there to support it.
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