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Imagine your office was several miles below the surface earth, underneath an unimaginable weight of stone and metals relying on your team and technology to keep you safe above all else. Feeling safe in this environment requires countless hours of planning and preparation to anticipate the countless variables that can change instantly. In an environment like this you need to be able to trust the men and women working with you.

In this challenging environment, the Network and Security personnel needed to find a provider who wouldn’t compromise on the quality or configuration of the tools put in place to protect the network and ultimately their people.

Designed by Global Consulting firms the Procon IT infrastructure required 24/7 expert surveillance for Cyber Security threats and a team of professionals who could apply changes without risking downtime.The team wanted to bring in cutting edge technology and round-the-clock service with five goals in mind:

Maintain uptime of all CyberSecurity systems while advancing configuration and features continuously

Provide threat intelligence and automatic prevention of any CyberSecurity threat to network traffic, devices, applications or data Support sophisticated network policies

Provide advice and reports to management personnel on the state of security
Supply the systems and upgrades necessary to achieve this task within service

I’m very proud of the maturity level at which Procon operates their CyberSecurity practice. It really enables our team to shine when a customer requires a high skill level and cutting edge tools for their service. It let’s you know how valuable the work really is
- Adam Mansour, CTO, IntelliGO Networks.
As they evaluated the services and possible solutions, they found that most vendors provided 2 or 3 of the services required. Most companies they found either sold some of the technology or provided a consulting service. With IntelliGO Networks, they found a company and technologies that matched the goals and objectives with a holistic approach that combined all systems and processes into one cohesive offering.

With the ability to dynamically react to threats in their environment and the confidence to apply changes to complex policies the network and security team can focus on enabling their staff instead of worrying about Cyber Threats.

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