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IntelliGO Networks has been a proud supporter Toronto Public Library Ubiquitous acess to available Internet connectivity. The Toronto public library ranks #1 in terms of circulation in North America Library Systems.

If you live in Toronto, chances are you are one of the 72% of citizens that have used the public library system. These 18 million visits a year include community programs, e-book rentals, 32 million borrowed items and of course the wireless network and workstations offered in the over 100 branches.

The Library needs to make sure you can connect any device, secure your communication and get help when you need it. They also need technology that scales to offer a great experience for all users connecting in and around the branches.

No small feat when considering over 100 locations across the city. When looking for a partner they needed a full service company that could not only install, configure and manage the network but assist and secure the end-users communication. The IntelliGO Networks managed service option provided technology, upgrades, end-user support and customization that allowed the library to enable any device to connect across the city.

Eight years later, the number of devices and users connecting is growing and so to do the challenges of keeping performance and security at high levels for the city. On top of a 24/7 managed security service the patrons can take advantage of on-hours support from the IntelliGO team, helping anyone get connected.

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