Khaled Mansour

Khaled Mansour is the CEO of IntelliGO Networks. He has extensive experience in executive leadership, founding successful companies, and leveraging technology to drive business outcomes. He tells stories of interest to senior leaders at organizations large and small.

Posts By Khaled Mansour

Why the CEO Stands Alone After a Breach

Khaled Mansour   |     24, Apr 2019

MDR for the SMB: A CEO's Perspective

Khaled Mansour   |     28, Mar 2019

Cybersecurity Investment: The Shift To D...

Khaled Mansour   |     19, Oct 2017

4 Ways Our PPA explains how you can be b...

Khaled Mansour   |     12, Sep 2017

How IoT and Cyber Wars Shape IntelliGO M...

Khaled Mansour   |     23, Aug 2017

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