Jennifer Mitchell

Jennifer Mitchell is the Vice President, Delivery and Operations for IntelliGO Networks. With years' of experience in IT Services, Project Management and IT Procurement, Jennifer's perspective is uniquely centered between operational delivery of business outcomes and the tools and processes to achieve them. She writes about issues relevant to Operations Leadership, including Risk Mitigation, Strategic Optimization, and Organizational Change.

Posts By Jennifer Mitchell

The Traditional SOC Is Dead, Long Live t...

Jennifer Mitchell   |     25, Feb 2021

How Operations Protects Your Business

Jennifer Mitchell   |     29, Mar 2019

5 Ways Ops Can Help Before, During, and ...

Jennifer Mitchell   |     17, Oct 2018

Operations & Cybersecurity: Four Hurdles...

Jennifer Mitchell   |     25, Sep 2018

Operations Leadership: Cybersecurity Cha...

Jennifer Mitchell   |     19, Sep 2018

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