Effi Lipsman

Effi Lipsman is the VP of Global Channels at IntelliGO Networks. He has worked in cybersecurity for nearly two decades. He takes an insider perspective on developments within the industry, writes about business implications of cybersecurity solutions, and shamelessly self-promotes our Managed Detection and Response Service.

Posts By Effi Lipsman

5 Questions for Your Managed Cybersecuri...

Effi Lipsman   |     08, Dec 2020

No Security Budget? 5 Technologies to Su...

Effi Lipsman   |     14, Oct 2020

5 Signs to Replace Your Security Technol...

Effi Lipsman   |     07, May 2020

Asking the Right Questions About Cyber I...

Effi Lipsman   |     13, Feb 2020

Why Security 'Next Quarter' is Worse tha...

Effi Lipsman   |     14, Nov 2019

Don't Pay the Ransom. Period.

Effi Lipsman   |     23, Oct 2019

Does Your MSSP Add Value?

Effi Lipsman   |     19, Sep 2019

Victim-shaming in Cybersecurity

Effi Lipsman   |     25, Jul 2019

Are SMBs 'Too Small' to Be Breached?

Effi Lipsman   |     28, May 2019

Cybersecurity Knowledge Gap: No Longer A...

Effi Lipsman   |     26, Apr 2019

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