As we move further into 2018, we take a look back at some of the biggest and most shocking hacks that were revealed in 2017 and discuss what happened, and how IntelliGO MDR Services can help companies avoid these types of attacks in the future.

5. Yahoo

While Yahoo initially reported in December 2016 that a 2013 breach had exposed the personal information of 1 billion of its users, in 2017, Yahoo parent-company Verizon revealed that the breach actually affected every single user who had an account at that time, totaling almost 3 billion users.

4. WannaCry

In May 2017, WannaCry ransomware spread across corporate networks by exploiting critical vulnerabilities in Windows computers. One of the most notable effects of WannaCry was its impact on the UK's National Health Service, which affected emergency rooms, surgeries and the general ability of hospitals to care for patients.

3. NotPetya/Bad Rabbit

In June 2017, NotPetya malware hit a number of multinational companies, in particular, those in Ukraine and Russia. A highly-efficient advancement on its ransomware predecessor Petya, the malware caused hundreds of millions of dollars in damages and impacted thousands of company networks. 

In October 2017, reports began circulating about a new ransomware named "Bad Rabbit", a file affecting Ukrainian and Russian computer systems, believed to be a variant of NotPetya, that hit Ukraine’s Ministry of Infrastructure and Kiev’s public transportation system. 

2. Uber

In November 2017, it was revealed that Uber concealed a massive hack that occurred in 2016, which exposed the data of 57m users and drivers. The firm paid hackers $100,000 to delete data and keep the breach quiet.

1. Equifax

In September 2017, Equifax saw a massive breach that led to the loss of millions of records containing the personal information of 145.5 million people. Social Insurance Numbers, birth dates and other information belonging to U.S. citizens were exposed in a hack that exploited the Equifax web application. While all other attacks mentioned were larger and caused more direct financial damages, this cover-up and its potential to undermine the entire North American loan process has this at #1.  

Honorable Mention - Spectre/Meltdown
While this vulnerability slipped past the 2017 deadline, it is by far one of the worst vulnerabilities and potential hacks of 2018. Not only does this affect almost every machine on the planet, its patch will certainly make you think twice about security vs. performance, with a whopping 30% CPU decrease and many patches causing boot issues for Ubuntu and service disruption so far. 

How would IntelliGO MDR reduce my company's risk of a similar attack?
At IntelliGO, we don't just offer a consulting capacity alone or software to solve a niche threat. We are not software alone; we offer prevention audits to check for the very issues that these firms were subject to and offer a response service to detect this type of activity.  

The IntelliGO Managed Detection and Response (MDR) Platform collects data from all your systems and can correlate threat intelligence to help you find and respond to threats you may have missed. 

Download a sample of our Prevention Posture Assessment (PPA) report and find out how you can use it to determine if you have been breached or can be breached by malware.

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